What should the average wattage of the 3600 rpm flywheel be

Having trouble with the wattage of flywheel using the 3600 rpm motor not sure what the problem is as I’m using shoulder screws all throughout and ball bearings. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  1. Make sure your flywheel is balanced (it should hardly vibrate at max speed).
  2. Use polycarb discs on your flywheel to cover the holes and reduce air resistance.
  3. Make sure your motor cap is aligned. Try swapping the direct cartridge for a normal cart and test wattage and make sure the axle slides in easily. If not align the cap accordingly.
  4. Make sure your direct cartridge adapter is centered and well balanced.

We got ours down around .8-1 watt at like 75% power. Ball bearings don’t help that much. You can use a LS axle. PTFE lubricant, double flex wheel.


Send pics and video. I have 3600 and u have between 4 and 7 watts aand mine hits max speed.

Idling at 90% speed, ours used about 3-4 watts. High strength axle with Super Lube grease and direct 3600 drive.

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