What Should We Do? Our coach was arrested today

Our teacher was arrested today, and we still have state and the US Open to go to. We are left with no teacher, and practically no funds.


I guess it depends what he was arrested for and how long he’ll be “inside.” In this country, a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty.
So he could get out and be out until his trial and still be available to coach. Just because a person has been arrested doesn’t mean he’s a criminal and done forever.

On the other hand, if it looks bleak, a parent or another teacher should step up.

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@roborattler I would find another adult at your school that can help you guys out Idk where you are in relationship to the US open but if your close it shouldn’t be that bad, this really sucks I hope you guys find a new teacher to help out for the time being and good luck at state.

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Talk to your school as soon as possible and potentially get the school to pay for a substitute. Get families involved to get funds together for the meantime because it is hard to get sponsors on such a short notice, and start a gofundme.


the school is not saying a word to us. they dont want it to blow up in the news

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woah alright, well why does this effect your funding? was your mentor paying for lots of things or something? if this is a temporary situation, any hope they will be released before your comps?

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What state are you in?

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I cant give much input, but best of luck! Going through that would be rough.

@DRow might you close this thread due to the sensitive nature of the topic - teams probing deeper on the arrest might be the best interest of anyone at this point.