What skills score do I need to qualify for worlds (Texas region 4)

I currently can get 200 in driver control (we don’t have rings), but we don’t have auton yet.

Checking the Qualifying Criteria there are 11 elementary spots and 10 middle school spots to worlds from your region. Comparing that to the spot levels, you’ll find the awards that qualify for worlds. Excellence, Teamwork Champs x2, Design, Robot Skills Champs, Teamwork 2nd Place x2, Innovate and Think awards all qualify. In elementary the Teamwork 3rd place x2 goes as well, in middle school the Amaze award.

Assuming no double qualifications (which is rare) only the robot skills champions from the regional championship would qualify. Any double qualifications would go to the highest unqualified team(s) on the end of season robot skills list.

And after typing all this I realize that you are a VRC team posting in the IQ forum. Well, follow the logic above and you’ll find your answer.


Sorry I’m new to forms, didn’t realize I posted on iq sorry lol

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