What skills score do I need to qualify for worlds? (Texas region 4)

I currently can get 200 in driver control (we dont have rings), but we don’t have auton yet.

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MS or HS? Covid or no Covid?

Hard to answer seriously with so many factors unknown …

Go build better robots and practice lots!

Skills - look at the results for your region on Robots Events… (filter Where and be sure to specify MS or HS)

Good luck! and if you do not qualify or invited, volunteer!



I mean everyone has to weak masks to protect from covid

Actually, we are in middle of surge and had to pivot to skills-only event and postponed times.
Some teams can only do Live Remote Tournament…

So, globally it depends on local conditions.

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Look at skills scores and search by “Region 4”

The 10th highest score is around 100 points, so a 200 point skills score should qualify you for the Region 4 Championship event.

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Well Your region Texas region 4 will advance 10 HS teams.

Your region skills top 5 teams have scored 200 and above.

So if championship advances 6 teams at event, four will be pulled from global skills list. if double qualified teams will dip down further down the list.

So work harder to boost your skills scores in your region - perhaps focus on programming skills?


ok, so if I’m understanding this correctly. @lacsap , we are currently number 5 in our region 4 texas. If we get an autonomous working and if I get my driver control to a consistent 200+ we have a good shot at progressing to nationals/worlds?

[edit: I did not check the latest qualifying criteria issued 1/12/22 - but TX region 4 gained four more spots than those listed on RobotEvents. What will happen is those spots will go in order in the table in the qualifying criteria:

Excellence, Design, Tournament Champions (2), Tournament Finalists (2), Robot Skills Champion, Innovate, Think, and Amaze.

So the duplicate spots become a matter of how many of the teams with performance awards also got a judged award? There five performance awards (TC, TF, and RCC) and five judged awards…


I think you are heading in the right direction. Region 4 will advance six teams to Worlds - Excellence, Design, Tournament Champions, and Finalists. It is likely there will be duplicate awards, so it will go down the global skills list.

I am not familiar with teams in your region to know how things are going this season.



As someone from region 4, I think I can make some guesses.

151T - 1st skills - tournament champion and/or excellence.
Design Award will probably be 8756A (4th skills) (or maaaaybe my team 76513B(3rd skills))
29560X - 7th - likely win the tournament or at least finalist

It is safe to assume these 4 teams will have at least 3 awards between them.
That leaves 3 awards, and skills spots 2, 3/4, 5, 6.
If these 4 teams win 4 awards combined (either by 151T winning 2 or everyone winning 1), which is very possible, skills 8 could also go.

Of course, this is all assuming that people don’t have major improvements and everything stays in the same order till Feb 29, which is unlikely.

TL;DR: difficult to predict, but top 8 skills will probably go based on my information rn.


I would see the RECF qualifying criteria (just look up on google) This tells you which awards will qualify. Double awards winners will mean the remaining skills scores in the region will qualify. The link to those is posted abovr.

Hi, I’m on the same team as @JustKidding. Just to confirm, region 4 sends 10 teams to world? 6 from state championship (less if there are duplicates) and the rest from global skills rankings?

Yes, find more info here



Cerulean Blue are already qualified for worlds by a signature event win… Not sure if that counts to the 10 or not.

You team assessment tracks for me, but there are many teams that haven’t played yet. The big tournament on 2/12 will probably provide more data.


And also note, if the event partner adds any of the qualifying awards on the advancement list, those would take precedence over skills ranks.


Typically, as per the qualifying criteria link provided above, the Championship is supposed to give all spots at the event if possible (there is even a table showing what awards should be considered qualifying for Worlds based on spots). However, TX Region 4 does currently only show 6 spots allocated at the Championship - perhaps they fall under “extenuating circumstances” (such as massive numbers of people couldn’t attend Championship)? Or maybe they originally only had 6 spots and gained more in the January revision (and will update their info at some point)?

With 10 spots (as per the updated 1/12/22 info), they would normally also be giving spots at the Championship for Robot Skills, Innovate, Think, and Amaze. You could reach out to your RECF contact to see if they happen to know if the Region will be giving the 10 at the Championship as normal or if they will actually be holding 6 for global skills.

Then, if there are duplicates in the winners, any “extra” spots would go to that Region’s World Skills highest ranking teams (moving down the list until there is a team that doesn’t yet have a Worlds bid).

When an Event Region is hosting a Championship event, all the Event Region’s spots must be
given to that Championship event if possible. If the Event Region is hosting multiple
Championships, then the spots must be divided among the Championships according to the
percentage of teams from the Event Region that Championship serves. If there is a percentage
of teams from the Event Region that are unable to attend the Championship event(s) through no
fault of their own (e.g.: Covid-19 restrictions, day-of-the-event weather and/or travel restrictions),
the REC Foundation Manager will assess the number of spots to be withheld from the
Championship event(s) and those withheld spots will be given out using the Worlds Skills


Signature Event spots to the VEX World Championship do not come from any region and are
counted separately, i.e., Spots given to Signature Events do not decrease the number of spots that Event Region is allocated. These spots are in addition to the Event Region’s allocation of spots.

The Event Region’s spots will not count as being awarded if the following is to occur.
a. Spots are protected in a blended event as described above.
b. Spots are unable to be given at the Event Region’s Championship(s).
c. Any spot that would go to a team who is already qualified to VEX Worlds prior to winning
this spot, e.g., a spot that would go to a team who has already qualified to VEX Worlds,
or a team who wins multiple spots at the Championship.


Yes, that is true

Maybe idk

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Just to clarify, EPs do not determine which awards advance to the Championships - it is RECF that makes that determination and RECF Event Engagement Manager codes it into robot events. EPs do work closely with the RECF EEM in terms of invites, running events, etc. but spots at Worlds is pretty clear cut matter outside EP’s control.


Thanks for the link, I recalled that to be the case, but didn’t track down confirmation for myself

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