What standards should 7th graders set for first year?

In on a new team of 7th graders, we are all boys and we do decent but we are on the coding phase what should our atounamus be? We merely get 30 min a day we are fine with our bot I just want to think of an auto

The easiest one that I can think of is putting a cube in the goal zone, but I would have to see pictures of your team’s robot to determine what it can do in the autonomous period.

image image image image image image

Just so you know that was. Score we moved the intakes Up a little and before we put wiring and brain on

You are going to hate this answer, but there are no standards.

It doesn’t matter how good you are, or if you are competitive, or even if you show up with a push bot every competition. What matters is that you are learning, and gaining knowledge from your experience. VEX robotics is made in order to educate students about the engineering and design processes. Remember, the competition is there to see what you did good, and look at what you can improve upon.

I do not want to leave you with nothing, so I will say that this is an amazing robot for a first year team. For the auton, there are many resources on the forum which can assist you with making an autonomous. Remember, if you need help building, just message the forum and get advice from others. Aside from that, I want to wish you good luck for this season, and for hopefully many more in the future!


Thank you for the honesty and truth I will be around for auton questions

Remember to research, a big part of engineering to me is doing research. Good luck!

My personal standard is always whatever I can achieve, plus a little bit better. Always try to push yourself especially at a young age. This will help develop your programming abilities. Whether it be one more cube, more direct lines, making it work 9/10 instead of 8/10 times any improvement is huge. Don’t let other people set your standards because everyone is different. But don’t push too hard still have fun time and know your limits.

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The effort you put in will reflect on how you guys compete. I’m currently 10th grade but I’ve competed in VRC since 7th grade, each year I’ve been to worlds.

To truly do well you may want to look into working on the weekends if your school will let you, I don’t know your region-specifics, but with just a little bit of effort, you can compete super well in middle school-specific state championships.

As for suggestions on your specific robot, that cascade system isn’t going to work, not well at least. an easy design you guys could push for is something like this https://youtu.be/TCB59rMBHVI

The design is nice and simple and can do towers, the limitation is that it can only make small stacks but as a middleschool team this design should be pretty solid.


Thanks for suggestions we are going to add a tilted the extending part and use two motor drive

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