What TCP/UDP ports does Vex Tournament Manager use?

I am trying to setup a Tournament Manager server and need to forward the correct ports through the firewall of my machine. What ports does Tournament Manager use? From using netstat -ano I found ports 5000, 5111, 59214-59216, but this would not allow me to access the server remotely.

I believe it was listed somewhere in the Tournament Manager manual.

EDIT: I believe the port you need is 80.

Adding port 80 did not fix it.

I could not find anything in the manual.

Note the computer is behind a router and the router has a public IP address. I am forwarding the ports through the router. I am trying to connect to the server on a different computer with a public IP address.

I understand now.

I doubt this will do what you want, but you can try Tools > Start Web Server. That will broadcast on port 80.

I don’t currently have the time to determine what the actual answer is, but I can say that it’s probably a bad idea to connect to the TM server with a public IP.

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Not all those ports are the TM. I’m watching the game ATM, so yeah.

I know the list, if you still need them, pm me please.

TM uses these ports:
TCP 5000
UDP 5111

You may come across some 5 digit ports.
You happened to get 59214-59216. When I did it, I got 52661-62664.
Those don’t really matter. They’re not ports. They’re sockets. You need not worry about them.
Try forwarding the above two, and see if it works out.

But I would recommend allowing the application through windows firewall (I assume you’re using windows firewall) since if an application is allowed through, it doesn’t matter what ports it uses. Windows Firewall will he happy.

I had just been informed by @jammerxd that there are also the following ports.

TCP 80: For the web server (obvious but worth noting)
TCP 5443: For mobile devices sending scores to the TM server through the VEX TM Mobile app.

But again, allowing the TM application through the windows firewall should take care of all this for you.

So I bypassed the router and hooked the computer directly to the internet. I tried to connect to it from another computer and it did not work. (Previously I tried connecting on the same local network behind the router and that worked). So that narrows it down to something that is not a local port issue.

@Eric_J Why are you going through the internet? It should all be happening on a local network.

Hmm. Is it possible I worked for you at some point?

Okay, that wasn’t helpful. Let’s try this:

That bold italicized styling is mine. The words of explanation belong to @Eric_J.

Definitely not.

The location that I am at gives every device a public IP by default, so there are no local networks. Using a laptop, I was doing some testing video equipment for an event and it used my ethernet port. So this left the wireless to be connected to the internet (which would simulate how the local TM network is done at a regular Vex event: TM server computer connects to other computers over wifi.) Now I didn’t want to run TM server on the laptop to simulate a real event, so I had a ESXI server with NAT to have multiple VM’s with a single public IP(so I don’t eat up too many IP’s). I ran the TM server here and wanted to forward the ports so that the laptop could access the server over the internet. (Hence the original question) This did not work.
Later, I tried using 2 devices with public IP’s and trying to run 1 as the server and have the other connect to it. This did not work, making the port’s needed for port forwarding not matter.
I am not sure what the problem is but I am just going to work around it, because this is a lab type setup for testing video capture of vex competitions and not TM. (I will probably just run the TM server on the same computer to make it simple.)

TLDR: All devices have public IP’s, had router to make local network behind 1 public ip, and ran TM on it because I had space to spin up a VM on it, could not connect to it from laptop wireless. Now just doing a local network/hosted on same computer.

I don’t think so…

I see where you’re coming from. Every event I have volunteered at (granted they weren’t huge events), setup their own local network with a cheap router and a switch like this if you need more ports. I’d recommend that if you can. It would save you the whole port forwarding hassle.

router5Ghz, that is… unless of course the wireless radio will be disabled anyway

Additionally, as I said earlier, it’s probably best to avoid allowing the whole internet to access your TM server (even though it still requires a password and the chances of someone trying to do so may be small).

This thread has what url TM uses:

Above it was stated that TM uses TCP 80 and TCP 5443.