What to bring to a competition?

Hi we have a competition this Saturday, and I was curious, what do you guys bring to your competition’s / what would you recommend.

We have one this Saturday too at NVHS. I would recommend you bring your robot (Obviously) and every VEX part that you own. This is to ensure that if you need to make a quick change then you can do so.

We have too many parts to bring all of them, but we do bring some

We are competing at sky ridge by the way

You don’t need all of your parts per se, just a significant amount so that you can make the changes.

A good basic rule of thumb is that if you have a part on your robot, you should be able to replace that part with stuff you brought. Other things would be like extra batteries for controllers and extra controllers/brains if you have them.

I generally bring:
power strip/extension cord
extra batteries
9-volts (if cortex)
some extra parts for repairs
first aid kit (mostly for bandages)
paper towels for the inevitably spilled drink

Aside from the robot stuff:

comfortable shoes

Here is the checklist that my teams used before we went V5. Of course the specifics that you need may be a bit different, but it is a good place to start
Packing Checklist

A positive and constructive attitude. all problems are solvable. assume your teammates are working to the best of their abilities.

What’s your team #? I’m apart of Neuqua’s club (2360N)

Besides that, I would bring a Dremel or saw to cut any parts that may be too big or need last-minute alterations.

I have one this saturday as well lol.
bring as many batteries as you can, as well as just a ton of random parts in a big tub. or sort them if you feel like it, just make sure you can replace anything on the robot.

Middle School team.

I recommend if you have it enough parts so that you could build 1/3 of the robot again. this includes one of each part on the robot. Also every type of screw, nut, axle, wire, sensor and other small parts. Things NOT to forget ever: Dremel, file, drill, and the last one is kind off weird but a flash drive with a code that you know works. In the event that your laptop breaks (seen it) or you just overwrite all of your code for some reason you have a physical back up.

Bring extra of every small piece of your robot (example: shaft couplers, rubber links, standoffs, etc.). Even if your robot only has one of those pieces bring extra because even one small piece missing can completely brake your robot.

@Firerobot1008 have fun this weekend and good luck :slight_smile:
To answer OP’s question, something that we’ve found to be really helpful is to have a small box with important things (tools, spare screws and nuts, etc) that you can carry with you at all times in the case of an emergency repair. I use a toolbelt to carry all of our team’s tools, which we have seen to be helpful.
In addition, don’t forget these frequently forgotten items:

  • License plates
  • Wires/cables (especially if using v5)
  • Backup battery/backup battery holder