What to Buy?

I’m going to be making our annual purchase for my school’s robotics club, and this is my first year doing this–what kind of stuff should I order? I’m willing to getting some any new items that we may not have had before/should experiment with. FYI we already have far too many V5 sets and motors.

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If this is for competition, you can’t go wrong with what seems to be too much aluminum. Plus I always seem to run out of nylocks.

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Aluminum, gears, sprockets/chain, sensors, screws/nylocks. But wait till after the reveal.

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Aluminum, storage containers(sort everything including screws), more screws, lots and lots of tools because they always break and wear out


Better yet, don’t buy tools from VEX at all. Instead, buy high quality tools from reputable sources.


Get a set of sprokets of all sizes and some extra chain. 3-wide c-channels are useful too.

I suggest taking inventory of your current supplies. There’s always going to be extra aluminum 2 wides, 3 wides, and 5 wides but don’t rely on ‘what you saw last time’ to determine how much you should purchase.
For things that aren’t as easily measured in quantity, try doing chain by length, and rubber bands by bags.

Definitely do. just don’t be like my time and accidentally buy a bunch of long-shafted screwdrivers that were too thick to fit through a VEX ™ hole…


NUT RETAINERS. Those new things are incredible. Make sure you have every type of collar (metal, plastic, rubber), spacer (small black plastic and standard white nylon, all sizes), and washers (teflon, metal, nylon)

Turntables are good for teams who have not yet learned how to properly create a cantilevered bolt axle for arms and lifts.

More aluminum than you can count.

Polycarb sheets.

Bandsaw, Metal Cut-off Saw, Bench sander, bolt cutters.

Nut drivers and long T handle hex drivers.

Storage, probably most of https://www.robosource.net/ this site.