What to do about disappearance of Official Q&A? and other issues

In the past, the Official Q&A was the official source of rule clarification. This season the Q&A has shifted to RobotEvents.com where only team contact and EPs (maybe more) can post question. I understand this improves quality of posts. However, this implementation has seen a number of setbacks, in particular not having a regular schedule for answers during seasons - which I believe was supposed to be updated weekly.

Now we have another change, the whole Q&A not available for the current season, and not explanation as to why. This is unfortunate as in the past previous season Q&A served to frame interpretations of rules. Will the Q&A from this season be made available again? and if so, will they frame rule interpretation moving forward?

Or is there some new big change coming to Q&A different in the future.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one perplexed by these unannounced changes.


It has been asked if I sent a specific note about the disappearance of Q&A - I am not sure I did so explicitly.

@drow @Grant_Cox

apologies for not doing so.

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Neither @drow or @Grant_Cox work for RECF, they both work for VEX. :wink:

I’ve sent a note to my regional RECF person.

It would also work if RECF posted the two PDF’s of answered Q&A questions.


Grant is on GDC -

DRow, well you know… he might have to make me take a break from the internet:)


I talked to someone who talked to someone who … got it back open. It was supposed to close for new questions, not disappear.


Eyyyy good job!
Q&A’s aren’t very useful if you can’t read them


Thank you so much!

and 20

Growing pains with the first time hitting Worlds with the new Q&A system! Apologies for the confusion. As Mike said, it was supposed to just close for new questions, as it always does about a week out from Worlds. There will be a more public/formal announcement, but questions to be answered during the Driver’s Meeting at Worlds can be emailed to GDC@vex.com once the Q&A is closed.


Thanks for the clarification!

DRow for GDC