What to do at worlds

@ThunderRobotics don’t forget the daisy chained power strips plus the open terminals on the car batteries plus the fact that I was drawing like 50 amps at 7.2v but yes it worked. But in all seriousness having charged batteries on hand at worlds is very vital to doing well.

Well seems like I’m late to the reply party, but as everyone said get to know people. Make friends and find forum members, facebook friends, etc. It’s a much better experience when you socialize with other teams. I think everyone here has covered the competition portion of worlds, but depending on what day you’re arriving (some teams take the entire week, others arrive Wednesday night) there’s actually some fun things to do around. I was just emailed a PDF explaining both the Worlds schedule this year and all of the attractions around that one might be interested in. There’s also another website that I found that probably has all of the same material, but you can choose whichever.


for handouts these work wonderfully: http://www.amazon.com/Haribo-Sugar-Free-Gummy-Bears/product-reviews/B008JELLCA. And just in case anyone reading this doesn’t get sarcasm, don’t, just don’t.