What to do between now and next season?

So learn a lot yes, but it can also be profitable to teach younger members within your program or even the world at large. Teaching things often forces you to really know the item you’re teaching and trying to explain it to someone else can sometimes yield new ideas about the subject in question. I am personally teaching the younger members of my program how to use PID loops in different applications and how to marry linear and rotational PID loops together.


Maybe this is a hot take, but it’s totally ok to not to do robotics between seasons. Take a break, relax, and get your life back on track after the hectic final part of the season. Competitive Robotics is one part of your development as a young adult, but don’t forget to focus on the other parts too!

Working without breaks has been shown to be drastically detrimental to your performance and well-being in the short and long term. Take advantage of this relative lull in your season to come back next year stronger than ever!


My teams took apart their bots and are now working on a mario-cart themed race!