What to do if a high school team competes at a middle school state competition

Hey guys, I was watching a couple of competition matches, and I stumbled on to a video of team 3324a in a finals match. This was a high school tournament. I looked at their account on VEXDB and it said that they were a high school team. I am a middle school team and 3324a is coming to our state middle school comp. Is this allowed? If it is not, then what should I do?

Don’t believe everything you read on vexdb.io - for example, it says the team is not registered this season, clearly they are.

If you look at all their competitions, they have been to a lot of middle school competitions. I suspect they are just that, a middle school team.

VexDB is not always accurate. Sometimes middle school teams will get called high school teams, event data will not show up, teams will appear as “unregistered” and awards will not appear. Chances are, they are a middle school team.