What To Do With 2 Extra Motors?

Where do you guys think the two extra motors we get (assuming no pneumatics) should go? I say 2 because a standard drive uses 4 motors, launchers can use 4, and intakes don’t need more than 2 in most cases. Should they go to a lift, a faster drive, a more powerful drive, a launcher, or something else? Does it depend on the type of launcher and/or the robot’s role. Should robots even be specialized?
My team uses a 6 motor single flywheel, a 4 motor tank drive, and a 2 motor intake. We are split on this topic. I think we should take 2 motors off the flywheel and put them on the drive to let us gear it way faster. My partner-in-design wants to leave the flywheel how it is, which might be better, but we haven’t done nearly enough testing to see if the return on investment is worth it. We plan on being a field robot, with the ability to shoot full court as well. We currently do not have a lift, and we don’t have plans for one.

Having a faster drive is always better, so I would put the extra 2 motors on the drive.

Imo, it depends partially on the regional comp your competing at. If you know that everyone in your area is competitive, I’d say go for 6 motor drive. To a higher level team who may be picking you, a pure field player may be more useful as they will probably be doing preloads for you anyways. Generally, I’d go with 6 motor drive but it depends. If you can make your shooter run on 4 then go with that.

I would personally make a two motor puncher, our team has a competition this Saturday, and we made a last minute decision to take a motor off the conveyor and have a three motor puncher capable of full field and I am glad that we did that. It took us about a week to figure out the puncher as it was our first time building one and we are still a pretty new team as we are just a middle school team. Our three motor puncher can do just under a ball a second, so a two motor should be able to do a ball a second or even less if you can lower how many elastics so you use. We use all twelve motors in the following configuration: 4 motor high speed mecanum base, 4 motor high speed flywheel capable of full court, 3 motor high torque puncher, and a 1 motor high speed conveyor belt. Personally I think the best way to distribute motors would be: 6 motors drive geared for speed, 2 motor puncher or any compact elastic launcher, 3 motor flywheel for mid court and bar shots, and 1 motor rubber band sprocket intake with a conveyor chained together. This is assuming that the idea of lifting is not being considered.

I would put those two extra motors on your base and make all of your base wheels into turbos. I am currently running 8 turbo motors on my base and nobody can even touch me.

Six motor turbo base will be great (at least, I think so). Or perhaps an 8 motor flywheel with a puncher or catapult powered off of it.
If all else fails, add two flag spinners.

They should definitely go to a lift for the extra points or as a back-up plan.

Don’t use them. They you can brag about only needing 8 to beat people who have 12.

I saw in the other thread that you have a 4 motor flywheel, how do you intake?

I have two extra motors as well, (I had a three motor intake and a turret, now I have a 2 motor intake and no turret) I’m using them for a lift.

Something I would recommend is taking off those two motors from the flywheel mechanism, and contributing them to a faster base or potentially a strafing wheel. This is because, you can go ahead and do external gearing to compensate for the lack of motors on your flywheel. In addition, there may be a big power draw from your flywheel mechanism. Using less labor intensive systems in your two cortex breakers may allow for more efficiency in your robot. Also, perhaps maybe think about a system that would allow for your robot to play through more defense. If your flywheel is accurate and powerful enough with external gearing, allocating your remaining motors to defense should be good.

I would suggest leaving them as is and get awesome driving and coding in before trying this that and the other idea with hardware, if you have awesome code and driving, I would suggest a faster base if you are going for a robot that specializes in field and faster bps for a robot that specializes as a DCL (driver control load) shooter. Maybe try for a lifting mechanism if you are feeling optimistic :wink:

Like @OverlyOptimisticProgramer said, a word of caution on too fast of a base. It makes the fine adjustment of the full court field positioning harder. Some programming can be done to help that, but that will be some more work for you which eats into your time.

But if that is not the objective of the robot, then faster is better.

Send them to me XD

Lift, obvi.

Make a flag spinner :slight_smile:

Ah such a waste of batteries :slight_smile: How about something much more practical, like a motorized licence plate flipper. X-D I can just imagine the faces of the judges as you show them… Why one earth!!??
But seriously… Build a lift. I already said that but still…