What to do with old competition materials


I’ve now completed two years of VEX competition and I’m trying to figure out how to recycle the old “In the Zone” and “Starstruck” materials I have and no longer need. Does anyone out there have ideas? If anyone would like them I’d be happy to send them to you if you can pay shipping!


Recycling bin and trash bin, depending. Occasionally, I’ve found a team or school that wants them, but most get tossed, one way or another.


We give out old game elements to members as little trophies. I have an NbN ball, a star, and a cone for each year I’ve participated. A lot of our members appreciate it as mementoes, especially once they go off to college


We do this with trophies the teams have won. An older program ends up with boxes of them, so we give them out to graduating seniors. We flip the award plate over and laser-engrave our team logo, the senior’s name, and the year on it. The only time we had a problem was when more than 25 seniors graduated the same year. I think we had to buy a couple of new trophies. The club keeps all Worlds, State, and local excellence or tournament champion trophies for the brag rack. Everything else ends up going to students.


Stars make great dog toys!


Don’t they get chewed and torn up super fast? They break pretty easily


@Easton ehhhh kind of. But you can be pretty creative with old VEX stuff… I use a cube as a seat cushion.


Cubes are amazing.

Just watch, they’ll be collectors’ items in 20 or so years, selling for lots of money on eBay.

Pillow companies: take note.


There’s also the RECF Recycling online challenge that seems to repeat every year. If you do come up with something useful, you could earn an easy qualification to Worlds.


If you have Starstruck cubes I’d love to have them! Message me for shipping info!


Look for schools that need game materials for things like robotics clubs and skillsUSA, cause they use game materials past the season.


Our old elements are shoved in a closet somewhere. All of my mementos come from worlds, when they (usually) give out stuff, although I’m not sure if they will anymore. Last year, after I had gotten 1 cube in one of our cars, I got another one from VEX U, but as we were walking away they told us to give them back :frowning: At the end, some people piled all of the practice field cubes and stars in one field, which was admittedly cool, but made me really sad that we couldn’t have any of them.


We just throw our stuff under our field, never to be seen again. (except for the people who have to go under there to look for parts and/or their shoes)


Please don’t throw me under your field


We give them to the zoo for animal enrichment. No joke. The gorrillas love those skyrise cubes.


A note, the classroom competitions typically use the game elements from previous years.



Just curious where did this idea come from


We have a very creative PE Department and for the past three years they have come up with games using the old elements…


Ummm…besides distributing to students, you could give them out as prizes or trophies or whatever at an outreach event or fundraiser. We do a lot of those…


We keep a full set worth because we run a class they can play old games depending on what the game is.