What to do with old field parts

What can I do with my old field parts? As of now, I’m building in my house and the field elements are just taking up space. I know I could just throw them out but I was mainly looking for away I could get some cash off of it

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Me too, I have nine sets that I’d love to figure out what to do with.

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After tower takeover, I plan to use a tower as a soup bowl…


Can’t imaging there is much you can do with them. A kids nursery might take them as a donation to use as outdoor building blocks otherwise it’s off tò the nearest plastic recycling centre.

Starstruck fences are crowd control
In the Zone are for alliance station marker since we can’t tape on the floor
Cones are used for hall passes
Old robots are used to inspire teams
Towers will be used for Trophy display at events
Turning Point platforms for team photos with their bots…

You can find use for it all :slight_smile:



In the past at our school, we have divided up the old game pieces among team members and had other team members and members of sister teams autograph them. It serves as a nice reminder and a keepsake for the seniors who are leaving us. I still have a moble goal and cone from ITZ and a cap from TP.


Is it possible to sell the field parts to a state competition so they have another skills/practice field? I want to keep the tiles and I don’t have a field perimeter so just the elements

and you can use the cubes to build walls as obstacles for robots.

image https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ERbPWfaX0AERUP6?format=jpg&name=4096x4096


My school has an auction for old parts.

I’m using some of my Tower Takeover cubes as oversized sketching models for my 7th grade Design and Modeling classes. The kids each get a small sandwich bag with a few of the small snap-together cubes that are normally used in class, but when we first introduce the isometric 3-d sketching, they don’t quite seem to “get it” just looking at the small model, so I’m using the big game cubes to replicate their model, making it big enough that they can see and grasp the concepts of plotting their corners and edges on their isometric graph paper. It really does help.


Sometimes I use a Starstruck cube as a pillow. Our mentor just gives the field elements to students.


We use the In the Zone cones as a way to hide crates that hide cables that are attached to the monitors.
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We also use the nothing but net balls and the 20 point goal zone from in the zone as a makeshift baseball bat and ball. We also use the 20 point mobile goals as door stops. And the starstruck stars as another door stop by wedging the peice into the door


I cut the turning point caps in half and bolted them down to our work table use to organize nuts bolts and other small parts. I’ll post a picture later


If u havent took apart the bot from that game yet u could like have little showcases to show the school. Like show what yal do and how ur bots work and hope some people get interested and join next season

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Picture image


That’s cool until somebody bumps it off a table


I thought it was screwed down?

My team used old starstruck parts to make a cart for our bot. Ill take pictures at states this weekend…

Thats actually really smart


I have a idea to make a vex-logo sizing cube with TP platform tops… just need to get with another local team as I only have 3/5 of the sides needed.

We have given many of the parts over the years to our school juggling club.

I considered making a play area for younger siblings at a tournament using a mix of old game elements.