What to do with old game sacks?

In previous years we have been able to recycle the old game pieces, like Gateway. However, the sacks from Sack Attack seem to be less recyclable but more reusable. We are going to empty the beads and sew the sacks into quilts.


  1. What do we do with all the beads?

  2. I would love to hear of other cool reuse ideas :smiley:

My eyes are bleeding…you threw away $100 of game objects every year? You could have used them as test objects, used them for R&D exercises, etc.

That sounds like a really cool idea! This was our teams first year, so we actually gave away some of our sacks to the kindergarten classed that we visited and showed our robots to (our school is k12). As for the rest of the sacks, I have no clue but I’m thinking maybe it they could be used to make bags for some of our equipment, like battery bags or something - a yellow “sack” of batteries contains all the batteries that have been charged and a green “sack” indicates batteries that need to be charged. Our mentor is quite skilled with sewing and crafting things so I think she’ll appreciated the idea…especially considering our many problems with space and storage.

Although alternatively, we might be able to use them for our just beginning robotics curriculum- in addition to the team, which is considered a club by the school, we are starting a robotics elective so I guess those guys could use old game pieces too…

No, we always keep some for testing etc.

Some people from our club made cornhole out of the sacks. I dont know if people out of Indiana play it so…

We did, yeah. I think we kept six sacks from the Sack Attack season. In total we kept a Trough, five green sacks and a yellow. We have six objects from Gateway, and a 30 inch goal. I think we kept four tubes from Round-Up, in addition to one of the floor goals.

There’s not enough room to keep everything.

I feel like keeping those sacks would be a hassle lol. I’ve had enough pain trying to clean up the beads that pour out when they break.

Use them to hone your dodgeball skills

go on the vex wiki, look for a newer team located near you, drive all those objects over one afternoon, im sure they will appreciate it :slight_smile:

I brought home about 30-40 sacks and they have just been sitting on my bed since the end of school haha. I’ll probably bring them to college as a reminder of VEX :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously? They’re old, beat up game objects. What would they do with them?

make the newbs make simple robots and manipulators that can pick up the old objects as practice since they will have 2 (or none) of this years game pieces

thats what we did with the new grade 8’s
just make a simple objective for them to do
and if they pull through, we assign them onto teams that are working on the competition robots

one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure :wink:

We frequently refashion game objects into memento “trophies” and distribute one set to each student. Have the students sign each object with colored Sharpies for memories of the team members, as well as the game. The Gateway ball and barrel (nested) were perfect for this purpose.

Since we usually buy the “economy kit” (or some years, only get objects from the welcome kit), we often have fewer game objects than students and have to go begging to other teams.

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We would have taken them off of your hands lol.

No use in throwing hundreds of dollars of game objects away.

Well, crap. Sorry. We didn’t think anyone would want them.

we keep all our game objects from previous years for demonstrations … so when we are talking we can get out old objects and explain how we overcame the challenge set before us, we have a box of sacks atm just sitting around, they will be used in september for an open day, other than that we use it as weights to see how much weight an arm can lift … e.g. for my new hanging device, i connected using a g-clamp some sacks to it 2 test the strength