What to expect at worlds

This is my teams first year in robotics and at worlds so I am just wondering what information you can give me about worlds.


Thank you, I wasn’t sure where to get information.

I believe you guys are in the Middle School division, 5233J right? Here is the Middle School link:


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Yes that’s correct, thank you

The walk to your matches will be far so I recommend getting a cart to make it easier to carry your robot. This is a good cheap one if you don’t want to spend too much on a cart.

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Wait, buy this or one of the many others on the interwebs fold-able fabric wagon I have these wagons and they are amazingly useful, I can put robot, robot parts, bottles of water, stuff and more stuff in them. They hold alot and they are sturdy, if you grab the two ends you can walk them down a short flight of stairs.

I linked to these since they come in colors that may match your team. Mine came from an Amazon dealer and it has little water bottle holders on the front and there are legs that pop up to hold a canopy to keep my robots from getting sunburn. Lots of places have them get one you like. Key thing over the one that @cameronb745 posted was it folds pretty flat and that makes it easy to store in your car as you go from event to event.

But it’s twice the cost of what @cameronb745 linked to, but I think the sides make it worth while to corral small parts like a fully charged spare battery, spare controller and spare blue (oh wait, this is the EDR thread, so it’s the ORANGE) cable and a spare motor since “Hey, you are taking all that stuff to the match, not because you are going to need it, but because your partner showed up with a dead, broken, etc.” Be that team that is prepared for you AND prepared for the other team.

But it’s Worlds, so a little extra expense is OK, since you are going to rock worlds and you are already planning to go next year :smiley: and with two uses, it makes sense.

Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestion we will definitely consider it😀