What to Include In Website?

I am currently in the process of making a huge robot website (hopefully www.theroboticuniverse.com). It’s gonna have a huge forum, IRC chat rooms, polls, maybe contests, blogroll for anyone interested in robots to join, robotic reviews, links, and other stuff.

Does anyone have any ideas for it? Even the craziest thing that would attract you to a site like this is good to know.

EDIT (yes! i got it to work!!!): It will also be my teams homepage :smiley:

Hows the Vex Magazine coming along. We missed our dead line.

:eek:slipped out of my mind i was really really busy, i just thought of this website and i got working on it so i wouldnt forget anything :eek:

anyway about the vex mag, we need more ppl or our writers gotta work double time!