What to use to advertise @ Worlds

So this is our second year going to Worlds. We qualified Skyrise year but didn’t get to go b/c my baby bro was due on the day we were supposed to leave. We were wondering what you guys use to advertise yourself @ Worlds. Something under the 100.00 range, b/c my teammates and i will be the ones paying for it. (Just an FYI, we are a Middle School VRC team)

A great way to advertise your robot is a really great reveal video. You should take your time making it amazing. It will allow teams to get to know you and you don’t need to spend any money or you could spend a little bit of cash to hype up your robot, but it is up to you.

This year, my team is making buttons, handing out robot info pamphlets, and even making a robot to carry our team banner around.

Do you guys know of any really good places to get custom silicone wristbands made?

We googled it and found 24hourwristbands.com They have a buy 100 get 100 free. 100 wristbands are about 35.00, and then if you order from the states you add .49 cents to each band. If you order out of the states, you pay shipping. overall it would be about 50.00


What do people usually have at their tables? banners? candy?

anything to attract people. Not to sound racist, but last year there were muslims in the middle school division that made a big banner advertising no discrimination based on race, and they brought some sort of muslim food to let us try. I am bringing my banners from state, maybe candy, my trophies from this year, and whatever i will advertise to other teams with

We plan to have our sponsor banner and some sort of handout.

how many times have you guys made Worlds?

This will be my third time, twice as a student and once as a mentor. Our school has gone four times, once while i was in college.

Wow, that is amazing. We have qualified 3x but only went two (this will be our second.) Granted, we are a middle school team, so it is easier to qualify. In Oklahoma, the teams aren’t split ms and hs until state, so we play against everyone. Next year we will be in high school, so we are hoping to have a lot of success.

I think this year we are going to make business cards for general giveaway, and a stack of fliers to hand out to the teams we would like to make a really good impression on. Business cards are very easy to design (there are tons of online tools, or you can use paint), they are pretty cheap, and they are compact and easy to transport. Buttons/pins are cool, and we may do those as well, but i know i got stopped at the airport because i forgot to remove one of them and set off the metal detector. They are bulkier, heavier, and a little more expensive, but they are a cool thing to collect and display on your shirt or banner.