What to use to cad robot?

What should I use to CAD robots? I can use autodesk inventor.


ive been using fusion 360


Here is some information about the various CAD options available to students: CAD for VEX Robotics (2).pdf (300.8 KB)


Solidworks is a pretty nice option

I don’t do cad, but I know that our team uses autodesk inventor

My sister team uses robot mesh studio i believe

Snapcad is a very good tool that’s easy to use

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I use Fusion 360 to cad my robot.

I’m not sure if this is the best option for IQ, but OnShape is an excellent CAD tool. It works in the browser, so you don’t have to install anything and it is very lightweight and doesn’t require a supercomputer.

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Most cad softwares these days no longer require a super computer. SnapCAD is great for iq and onShape will work as well, but I’d really encourage you to try to learn one of the more serious softwares like fusion 360, inventor, or solid-works to name a few.

There’s a huge learning curve, so if you start with SnapCAD and work your way up now, you’ll be extra prepared when you start VRC and need access to the more advanced tools that higher end softwares provide.

The other thing to consider is that CAD isn’t just used for vex! Learning to understand and work with professional grade CAD software like any of the programs mentioned above is a life skill that will apply far past high school. Nowadays, I’d guess at least 90% of mechanical development starts with CAD.