What top skills qualify to worlds

I am confused.
What ranking do you have to be to qualify?

Earlier today team 1233W revived their worlds qual from top 10 skills. This also happens to be before Indianas state tournament. Could we get the official list of teams who qualifiers to worlds this way, and how is Indianas number of worlds spots going to be affected? (As Indiana is the only region where a team could get a top 10 skills worlds qual then compete at state) @DanMantz

Thanks in advance!


Sorry invitations have already been given out so I’ve removed the top 10 skills, since it’s now obsolete.

A little audacious to ping the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a corporation because you want to get an early reveal of a qualifications list, don’t you think??? Why don’t you have your mentor/coach talk to your regions TEM instead.


Regionals should not be this late. Read qualification criteria.

The skills have already been pulled, so if a team at the Indiana regional gets a high enough skilled score and does NOT get qualified at the state tournament, then they would just miss out (but could get a waitlist invite). But that event is pretty unlikely.


One of my teams have already received the worlds invite as one of the top 10 unqualified teams.

As for knowing which team is in or out…
It is really not as straightforward as some of you are thinking. I compiled my own list. But I needed to go into individual teams’ records and see if they are already qualified via other events, etc.

But of course, since REC has all the data, they should be able to automate the process in sifting out the unqualified teams.


Yeah, I was kinda surprised when we got invited to worlds through skills. Don’t know if some team ahead of us didn’t want to go or if they’ve already qualified.

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Great that you qualified regardless! We take those lol

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FYI, Indiana got an exception this year. Since the event happens at Lucas Oil Stadium, it had a conflict this year with a tiny, obscure (/s) event called the NFL Combine.


I certainly understand that there are scheduling conflicts. I was just trying to explain why the skills cut off was before that regional event.

For a lot of international teams, the cutoff is already very late. The paperwork involved with getting visas and getting the kids here with less than 2 months heads up would probably be a bit of a nightmare!


If the IN team pulled from the Top 10 skills list qualifies through the IN State Championship event, the RECF will invite the team with the next highest Worlds skill score that has not yet qualified.


Thanks for the empathy.
It is indeed a nightmare for us.
A typical overseas school trip with all the procurement and visa applications, etc will generally take at least 3 months.

And of course the closer the dates, the more expensive the air tickets - I have since the price of the same air ticket going up from SGD 1900 per pax to SGD 2700 just within 1 week.


Just curious. Will skills scores from the US open be considered when handing out any potential spots for top 10 unqualified skills?


The CREATE US Open is not an REC Foundation VEX Worlds qualifying event so no scores from the event are included on the World Skills ranking list.