What Type of Ball Shooter Does Your Team Have?

I was just wondering what types of ball shooters were most popular. So I created a Straw Poll -------> https://www.strawpoll.me/17083853.
My team has a slip gear puncher in case you were wondering.

no ball shooter ftw

We don’t have one right now, but very soon we will be…

I’ll want to keep up with this poll. Right now 2BCs and single flywheels are neck and neck. Slip gear punchers have a lead, probably because of their simplicity. Alas, no love for the pneumatics or double flywheel.

We have what we call a Striker, but it’s better described as a kicker. You can see it on our reveal.

Passive puncher FTW

Double Puncher FTW(too bad to do a double catapult)

Can u send a link to the reveal? Or tell us your team #. I can’t find the video. Thx!

Sure thing, here you go.

Thank You :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting launcher! is it using a skip gear to pull back?, like a upside down catapult? Also is it efficient during comp?

Thanks. Yeah, it’s using a slip gear to pull back, and yeah it can be looked at like a combination of a puncher and a catapult. It’s worked really well at the two competitions we’ve been to so far, winning us a tournament champion, and skills champion at our first, and we made it to the finals and got create award at our second.

I’m really impressed! If I had enough space I would certainly use that design.Sadly I don’t :frowning:

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’ve been designing around this from the start and spacing was still a pain, it was worth it in the end though.