What type of chassis base material are you using?

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
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I was wondering what type of material y’all are using for your chassis base this year.

Why do you need the extra weight of steel? If you cannot answer that question with confidence, then aluminum is the right answer.


Tbh it doesn’t matter this year the robots are pretty light on the structure, so weight reduction isn’t that important. just keep it under around 20 lbs and you’ll be fine. If you have aluminum you may as well use it, if you don’t, steel will work fine.

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I use steel as I don’t have enough aluminum to build a two full aluminum robots, I am private and my brother just started his own team so we have to share parts now.

because with steel you can push a lot harder because you get more friction with the ground. More torque doesn’t matter if you can’t use it.

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Heavier bot ≠ ability to push hard


Yes that is true. Because if you have a speed ratio with no a lot of torque you would have problems driving in the first place.

I didn’t say there was “no reason”. Yes, a higher normal force leads to more friction, but there are also tradeoffs, like a slower acceleration to full speed. If the design philosophy was to confidently be aggressive and play defensive between bouts of scoring, then sure, the steel might be an option to consider. Realistically, will that 4-5 more pounds on the chassis alone be enough to win every pushing battle? Anecdotally, I say no, but it’s up for you to test and determine.


i will be using polycarbonate for speeeed


Where is the option for zip ties only?