What type of game would you want to be released?

Its seemed lately like the games alternate between back and forth types of games and absolute scoring type of games.

nothing but net - absolute
starstruck - back and forth
in the zone - absolute
turning point - back and forth
tower takeover - absolute (mostly)

I"m thinking that the next game will be more back and forth scoring.


Some things that I think would be fun:

  • Disc shooting
  • Bring back the 12" bar from tossup (or something like it) but maybe implement it more like the Low Bar in the 2016 FRC game stronghold so you dont have to go under it but you can cycle faster if you can go under it.
  • Perhaps more end game tasks like the center platform in turning point where both alliances are fighting for position on a neutral place, maybe a hanging pole that anyone could hang on.

no nascar but you can shoot projectiles at other robots

End of match tasks would definitely be fun.

This would be awesome! Tossup had some really well made and refined designs due to the bar and I’m sure that adding it back would do the same.


I’ve said it before, but what we don’t have is a sorting game. That I can think of.

The concept I’ve come up with is more of a grouping game. You need to group 3 objects together to score them. One larger object and 2 smaller objects to make it more interesting.

Call the larger objects Oxygen, the smaller ones Hydrogen, and POOF! Water game that’s not actually wet!


So i’ve been thinking about this for a while but what are the logistics of having games with these features:

  • A game that requires robots to be able to open lids / containers to retrieve scoring objects
  • A game that allows for dynamic scoring zones, either via robot itself, or something else, adding variety to a match’s strategy
    -Moveable game obstacles?
    -Possibility of having to have a variety of scoring objects that have to be scored in a specific order?

I’m probably just spouting nonsense but would those be too complicated or would they add variety to the current competitions we have?


Also, something like 2014 FRC Aerial Assist, where, to score more points, robots have to throw game objects to each other would be fun. The only issue is that it’s a lot easier to do on a large open field like FRC than a smaller vex field.


Something where to score points, you have to put objects in a specific zone before 30 seconds to the end, at which point the match is scored, and then you have to put the objects back in starting configuration for an end bonus. The field would automatically get reset! What Vex competitor doesn’t want that?


Then the refs would have to score in the middle of the match. It would be best to keep the rule of only scoring based on the final state of the match

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I think that a game where it’s scored throughout the match would be okay if it’s a reuser game rather than a resetter game… i.e. something like reusing balls to score more points (reuse) vs putting objects back in their original position (reset) if that makes sense.

What would I like to see? Swimming, diving, paddling etc.


That would be awesome! I think that we should have a shouting game like that where the objects aren’t balls.


I would like a game kind of like disc golf, where you have to get the discs into the basins. I think robotics would make that really interesting.


I love the idea of a disc shooting game!


It would be especially fun if people included throwing discs and having their dogs catch them in their reveal videos!


We need some endgame
And maybe an auton game like if you do something in auton it gives a distinct advantage or something like that
Also not absolute scoring
Back and forth for the win


Back and forth is so fun. All the points are technically two times as much cause the opponent is losing those points while ur gaining them


out of field stuff maybe? like in relic recovery


not sure how well this would work from a logistics point of view but this would add a completely new way to play since no vex games have ever had anything remotely close to reaching out of the field


I really like the idea of a bar anyone could hang from. Perhaps it could be like the platforms in TP where you have a shorter alliance bar for each alliance and a higher bar for anyone to get. I imagine that end-of-match scrambles would get pretty vicious with robots jostling for position on an aerial bar like that though…

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