What type of game would you want to be released?

Haven’t seen a real capture-the-flag-esc game have we?


Reminds me of FRC stronghold, the “defenses” were changed between matches

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I have never heard of that game. I have only done VEX for 1 year. What year was it?

Stronghold was played in the 2016 season. However, it is not a Vex game. It is an FRC game, which is the First Robotics Competition. It is a different competition from Vex, involving much bigger robots and a limited build season.


I think they removed the limited build season

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That was just starting this year, but in past years it was a six week build season

I mean, It’s still technically limited in that you just have from the game launch till the competition, and the new game doesn’t release at the end of the last season. You have to wait until the next January.

One interesting type of game would be divided, like Starstruck, and would involve shooting disks though holes or shapes to the other side, where those robots are firing disks back, and whoever has the most disks on their side loses. This could also have disks differently weighted, both literally and figuratively, to make some disks more challenging, but worth more. I would also like to see an End Game mechanic like lifting, hanging, elevating, balancing, or attempting to get onto a platform.


That would be cool. I’m kind of hoping for a game with a barrier, or some kind of field division.


Hi - this would be cool!
1 - 25 second auto
2 - 2 minute driver
3 - stack-able bucky-balls!
4 - maybe a bin for Bballs too…
5 - lets hang - maybe ring a bell?
6 - an end-game!
7 - have 2 or 3 (more?) levels of play
8 - 10 motor V5 limit

Does this mean robots on the field, robots on a higher platform and robots on an even higher platform?

First of all, I believe a 15 second auton is much more… I think balanced is the word I’m looking for. It’s much easier for someone to fill 15 seconds right up to the limit than it would be to fill 25 seconds. I would know, I don’t code my team’s bot, I code auton, and auton only. It’s a good balance, having 2 coders. But anyway, 2 minute driver would make drivers like myself focus on the clock less, which, I think, would take away a whole way of approaching the game, which would make the game less fun to watch and compete in.

Thank you, this has been my TedTalk.

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A R6T4B would probably be better.

1 - Why not 30 seconds?
2 - That might be too long
3-7 - Thats a lot of stuff to have in 1 game
8 - I really like this, but why not even more? 12 motor limit for v5, no limit for v4 (up to 4 expanders) would be great.

Oof 30 second auton would be tough imo. Teams with less experienced coding will never have a fighting chance.

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I was thinking higher for scoring parts & pieces. Placing BBalls gets 2 points but stacking bballs on higher platforms gets 5 points. Add a point for the higher platform.

15 seconds is too short - especially for inexperienced teams. Given a little more time, they could run programs slower which would equate to more accuracy. This could lead to more learning as well!


I suppose that’s true; maybe it could have added benefits

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See but part of the challenge is making autons work in 15 seconds. If you give people more time because they can’t fit their auto in it devalues the hard work that the teams who were able, for instance, to do a 10 point auto in 15 seconds. I do think that expanding the time would be cool for teams to expand their autos but i think 20 seconds is the max time an auton should be. You have to remember that there are a limited number of playing objects and only so much to do in auto.

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