What type of lift would be the best?

Hey guys I was wondering if a scissor lift is a good idea for In the zone because I think that a claw bot is too unstable and really shaky when it comes to picking things up so adding a scissor lift would be a good idea.

P.S. Add a link to a video where I could build one if there is any if not then ) :

If you can build a stable scissor lift and can keep the thing at the top at the correct angle then a scissor lift would be a good idea.

I like scissor lifts for this game, my team has found it to be pretty simple to start and if built correctly you can have an additional mechanism (fourbar, chainbar or other) on top that movies straight up and down to give more height or to stack internally
Here’s a link to our mini reveal https://vexforum.com/t/98807a-paradox-early-reveal/43689/1

Thank you so much ( :
Anything helps!

i have heard good things about a reverse 4 bar and that it can really handle well at great heights but is complicated to perfect.

DR4B’s aren’t going to work as well as scissorlifts. They’re strong, but not as fast as a scissorlift, and with the cones this year strength isn’t a problem like in previous years.

I tend to disagree. I have seen from personal experience and online that a DR4B is better. That is subjective because there may be a better way than what I have been doing. If yall have a better way I have yet to see it. So going off what I have seen, a DR4B is better.

4 bar with a chain bar. Easy to build, requires some driver skill, but it works.

I believe that if you have the materials and experience, a scissor lift with a small chain bar on top (if geared and built correctly) would allow you to do really well. Good luck!

I personally don’t like scissor lifts, but it depends on what you want to do: Internal or External stacking. For internal stacking my personal favorite using a chainbar on a DR4B (for height and internal stacking), but a regular chainbar works too. For external stacking, you could use a regular DR4B or scissor lift. DR4B’s tend to be more reliable, I would recommend building that if you can, but if you do want to build a scissor lift, look at bots from Skyrise. There are some good DR4B’s and scissor lifts to take inspiration from. Good Luck

4 bar with a chain bar is the easiest to build and scissorlift the hardest- to the point where we tried to build a scissorlift for a good month and failed but got a 4 bar plus chain bar done first try. HOWEVER, I would highly reccommend working on a DR4B or scissorlift on the side once you get this done, because they will be ESSENTIAL for the late season.

I would not say that a DR4B is essential for late season. It’s the current trend so far, but it is slowly dying out.

You could try a short scissor lift with a chain bar on top.