What type of lift?

So what type of lift (if any) do you all plan to use this season?

I approve of the ‘none’ option in this poll! Not sure what the rest of our team is thinking of because our initial Sack Attack discussion hasn’t happened yet, but I’m excited to look into the possibilities of a defensive robot this year…

8 bar as you guys know! :slight_smile: I’ve actually GREATLY improved on the 8 bar design that we first released. After we get a version 1 of that robot, we’ll release it again, and it includes some very innovative ideas, which was inspired by many teams, dating back to Clean Sweep (not dumps, just small, cool mechanisms.)

My team uses a simple arm. So it is sort of like a tread bot. But the treads are on the top.

I’ve also been thinking of a 1200E type of robot. My first design was based off of 1200E, but I think it could work pretty well. For those of you who don’t know what 1200E was, it was a linear lift, but as it raised, string pull the intake up, so it raised fast and could reach 30 inches.

not sure why so many people are going with 8 bars? 6 bar can make the height and has less friction, also not sure why the 6 bar voting option is italic 0.o

It’s italic because you voted for it.

For College this year I don’t think anything more than a 4-bar will be necessary. 24" can reach 30" with a 4-bar extremely easily, while 15" for most teams probably won’t score or descore on the high goal at all.

I think you are talking about 1200F’s robot that went to nationals who had a tread intake that was lifted by a one stage lift with a string to pull it back and rotate the intake on a free spinning turntable.

I wish again I could vote for more than one. But nonetheless.

I will be using a 4-bar, linear lift, and no elevation system this year. Should be pretty neat.

As for 6 bars and 8 bars. Again no need for them.

  • Andrew

So what about all the people who voted other? I personally voted other because we are going to do two lifts, a 4 bar and a scissor lift. Btw, sorry for not allowing multiple choices. I didn’t like the way it adds up to more than 100%.

Understandable, I listed what Im doing

  • Andrew

Im not quite sure what you mean by “simple arm.” what parts do you plan on using?

Yeah, you are definetly thinking of 1200F. 1200E used a six linear slide lift that “trapped” the game peices into it’s tread intake.

I picked other because the choices weren’t broad enough to fit the lift I hope to use.

So what do you plan to do?

Something that allows us not to hit the troughs after intaking. And those bar arms can’t do that.

We’re going to have a 4-beam using 15" bars. We think the added lifting capacity gained by a shorter, less-frictonal arm is better than reaching up to the high goal. However, we do plan on scoring a little bit in the high goal.

I like the scissor lift because it can fold in really nicely allowing you easily to get under the troughs and still reach great heights. A vertical lift would also allow you to get to the troughs and to the high goals without moving back or forth since arms have radial movement.

It would also be nice if you can guard or descore the opposite high goal.

It would probably be a good idea to have a single pivoting arm on the list, though with the game objects so heavy this year an intake that has to push 6-8 objects into the air is going to be slow indeed, probably used exclusively on large dumpers.

multi-bar lift using the lead screw looks interesting.

Has anyone tried it?