What type of power systems and combination of motors are people using?

Speaking of power: did anyone notice the new “Smart Charger V2”?

Wonder if it stops charging at exactly 7.2v :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed the new charger too. The only difference I found was that the new one has a 2 prong connector on the brick whereas the old one has a 3 prong connector (although the ground was just a dummy on the old one.) So basically I think they’re exactly the same.

Anyone find otherwise?

Edit: The new 2-prong cable is $1 cheaper. Can’t compare the prices on the chargers themselves because the website no longer lists the price for the old one.

They are both $16.99

In the specs the only difference I see is the new one has an output voltage of 20v and the old one was 16v.

The inventor guide for both of them says “the charger is capable of charging anywhere between 7.2V and 12.0V”

What’s the difference between the voltage it’s capable of charging and the output voltage :confused:



Hahaha make that 2 :stuck_out_tongue: