What type of robots do you want to see at Dallas?

Personally, I’d like to see some more parallel lift designs, along with some fast/accurate claw based robots. I’ve had enough with the “zippy” (One large tread set that swings).

I’ve also yet to see many double jointed arm robots with treads.

Anyone else looking forward to any robots at dallas?

I want to see a type of bot that I haven’t seen before. Like one that makes you thing “what the heck is that?” when you first see it.

double joint tread…hmmm…

Stop by 829’s pits, we have been thinking about just making a recording to play when people walk by and ask “what the heck is that?” :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty I think we are going to be seeing alot more of what we have been seeing already, just faster.

I think I resent that…

You mean like 417? They had a double-jointed arm with a claw in December, and replaced the claw with a 4-cube belt in January. For Worlds, though, they’ve built a new robot with a double-lifting, one-joint arm.

I want to see unique designs. Im tired of threads T_T. my team, 2202, has threads though but yeah w/e.

None taken – honest.

When you take almost perfect information from the Web, and combine it with a single goal, I think you should expect convergent evolution. Only one of our robots had twin belts in December, now all of them do. (OK, 420 doesn’t, but they didn’t build their robot until March.)

I want to see… a robot that makes everybody go “wow, why didn’t i think of that” when they see it

Team Polvex #2500 has a very innovative robot.
I am proud to say that it is VERY effective and pretty cool!

Can’t wait 'til Worlds!!! :smiley:


I want to see a robot that will make me stare at it in astonishment until the team goes, “uhhhhh… can i help you with something?”

(in other words a robot that is so cool that makes me starstruck)

I agree that there are many dual tread-type robots out there, including my team’s 2 robots (24B and 24C). We competed at a mid-Nov event where we had the only design like that, but they have quickly grown in numbers. Our team members have tried modifying the design and evolving into something else with one of the robots. But we have found at the 4 or 5 subsequent events we attended that the simple, highly reliable original design (the robot we left as-is) just seems to hold up very well against other designs and we continued to win with it - well, until we met up with Team 44, Green Eggs, two weeks ago. So the modified robot has been changed back to the original design. We will see how they hold up in Dallas…

I really want to see an amazing robot that just makes you want to ask the team how they came up with that idea.

So far, I’ve heard of several robots mentioned in posts on this forum that I can’t wait to see in Dallas.

I can’t wait to walk around the pits and get to see upclose all the robots that have been mentioned in these threads for the past few months.

I would also like to talk to the New Zealand teams, just so I can listen to their cool accents.

If you want to talk to a NZ team stop by our team (2900a) we have a interesting you might say robot (well we haven’t seen the idea before) it may not be the most aesthetically appealing robot but when you see what we did you will understand why (im sick of working in a 18 by 18 by 8 inch cube:()

Feel free to post pictures in the Gallery. It’s too late now to build a new robot, so it’s time to start adding data for the scouts.

By the way, anyone building a new robot this weekend will be at a serious disadvantage at Dallas. You won’t have time to program or test drive it. Our two highest-scoring teams have robots that are 2-1/2 months and six weeks old. The teams that built new or heavily-modified robots are still coming up to speed. Just a suggestion… a pretty good robot that you really know how to drive is better than a wonderbot that was finished the night before.

Good luck, everyone!

420 looks cool enough that it’s in a class of its own. I want to see it drive for no other reason than the cool factor. On the other hand, I want to see bots other than the vanilla dual tread on a pivot on a tower design

Unfortunately i dont have any pictures of the robot:( and am on my way to LA in 6 hours or so :slight_smile:

The general consensus in my group is - Something that we haven’t seen before, but works well.

The problem is – if you were 1429 or 575 would you toss out your robot and start over again with something completely different?