What type of wheels should u use to help with smooth auton

Ive heard that two traction wheels and two omni wheels is helpful for smoother turning in auton. i dont know how true this is so what do u guys know about this?

I would say that it is true. With all omni wheels you can slide around very easily, and that makes it all the easier to not quite know your position on the field or be off by a little bit. Traction wheels make a more consistent turn and don’t allow the robot to slide, so for autonomous, yes they are more consistent.

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I personally hate traction wheels but it is your choice because when you get to driver control you can’t use the slide to your advantage. My team uses it and drifts sometimes which I know sounds weird but it helps a lot


so would where would u put the traction wheels? ive heard put two traction as the back and two omni and the front but what would u do?

I’m not 100% sure but I think omni directional

yes. only omni wheels work in h drives. no offence but thats a different topic

For drivetrain just stick with omni wheels they are more flexible when it comes to moving in different directions and will open up a lot more options for you in terms of driving. The only time I haven’t seen someone use it is when our coach introduced us to swerve drives which in that case omni wheels wouldn’t work. But in general your going to want to stick with them.

Or x drives. Or kiwi drives

sorry i mean h drives only work with omni wheels, i said them the wrong way around

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