What types of robots are in your competitions

In my State most of the robots are pushbots with a few dumpers. What type of robots inhabit your states/country’s competitions?

In missouri the only good bots are reverse dumper clawbots, and 6 bar pneumatics

a lot of vex clawbot kits in our area…

Claws, catapults, pushbots, and others.

We see it all here: Clawbots, Dumpers, catapults and push bots.

There have been a few unique designs that include side rollers and push bots that attempt to push the stars into the far zone.

I am impressed with array of unique implementations of the above designs in our area. There is some design convergence but overall much better than past seasons at this point.

We have seen claw bots, catapults, and push bots.
Our robot is a push bot and a lift

Claw bots, claw bots, and more claw bots.

A lot of what I’ve seen in Washington state are dumpers, six bars and a couple catapults (however the ones I’ve seen can only get one star and no cubes). I’ve seen a couple push bots but the dumping bots seem to be the most successful

So far, it appears that a little less than half of the competition out there is basic kit bots in most leagues/tournaments, generally speaking. Rest of the competition (in our league at least) is dumpers, one or two six bar lifts, a few clawbots, and many, many copies of my pushbot.

We’ve only had one comp but there were a lot of catapults. Surprisingly many really.

Who has side rollers? I been to 3 tournaments in Omaha/Council Bluffs and haven’t seen nor heard of any side rollers.

Anyway, yeah, most of the teams here have reverse dumping claw. Some teams use four bars, too.

In Indiana we have a lot of variations of claw bots, some push bots, and a few dumpers.

Reverse claws, forklift dumpers, at least 1 high hanging pushbot, and a few (largely unsuccessful) catapults. I haven’t been to a competition for a month, though, so that may have changed.

I have seen very few catapults, and then a variety of side rollers, dumpers, push bots, reverse claw dumpers, and forward claw dumpers.

In our Middle School Division we see 4 bar claws, claws, dumpbots, pushbots, some other interesting designs and a few clawbot kits

I’ve seen 985C from MOQ who has a 4 bar with side rollers

If Omaha North hadn’t been postponed, you would have seen it in the Middle School competition. The middle school team, 985C, has a side roller that does a decent job.

MHP had all that except catapults. So you’re still mostly correct.

In my county its mostly been a lot a 6-8 Bar Claw bots, actually my team won the tournament and is competing at a state competition with one . Its been just recently that I’ve seen reversed claw bots. We’ve also encountered a series of dump bots at the beginning of the season but have all adapted to the claw bot design. And we have had ONE scissor lift claw bot that proved to be not the best choice. I know teams that have tried catapult bots but ultimately failed at doing so. Finally one team at my school built a 6 bar claw bot with a miniature pushbot inside that was partner controlled, and that little pushbot really helped set up stars and cubesto be in the right position for the main driver or alliance partner.

Oh yeah! I forgot all about robohawks! And they even came to our work shop once to practice. I completely forgot about their side rollers. How silly of me.