What Useful Sounds for Competitions


Our team has a VEX speaker module, and I am tempted to use it. However, I don’t have any good ideas for what audio to play. Does anyone have any thoughts on what audio would be functional for use in the competition?


We have a good mix of sounds on ours (only like 2k of space left on the cortex). My recommendation, if you use Audacity to make the uncompressed wav, use an effect to remove as much bass as possible (not by the laptop right now or I could tell you the effect name). The Vex Speaker is very tinny, so the less bass, the better it sounds.

There is a team that we have faced that used the Zelda theme.

Have a high-pitched whining sound until you select autonomous. Then you won’t forget, until you no longer notice the sound.

While we are on this topic, I think it would be a great idea if some teams could share file examples of what they use already formatted for the Vex speaker. I have a hard time figuring out audio stuff like this and I’m sure it would help the OP and many others viewing this thread.