What v5 games are there

For those of you who have created/coded games for the v5 cortex put them here so we can create a library of v5 games
We already got doom https://github.com/sealj553/VexV5Doom

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I know you can play Doom on them.

Minesweeper. Can be simulated in Chrome, too.

Flappy Bird

PROS Pong: https://github.com/SpencerJ21/vexV5-Pong
Gameboy Emulator: https://github.com/sealj553/VexV5NanoboyAdvance
VCS Pong: Doom on the V5

Thread discussing these games: Doom on the V5


@theol0403 Just curious, do you know what games are emulated on the Gameboy Advance emulator?

The way the gameboy works is that it accepts any .rom file containing the game data.
So you can play any game made for the gameboy advance and which is available for download online.

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Is it possible to code these games with v5 text? Or do you need files from another game?

You could code simple games like pong or Tetris with Vex Code. I doubt more complex games would have much luck though.

Code is code. More specifically, C++ code is C++ code.
There is no reason, if a program is written using C++ and has no external dependencies beyond the built-in c++ libraries, that it isn’t possible to make it work with PROS (and VEXCode).

You can get any of these games that work in PROS working with VEXCode. You would just have to switch the API calls to work with the different APIs. This can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing, but there is no inherent limitation with VEXCode.

The reason most advanced programmers use PROS is not because of the language, but for the additional features that come with PROS such as okapilib and the PROS package ecosystem, making it extendable and versatile. PROS is also implemented as a CLI, allowing programmers to use various editors or even compile code on a Raspberry PI.

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Is pros more complex than v5 text, or is it just the more things that can be done that is the main difference?

You are mostly correct.
PROS has this library called okapilib, which is actually designed for beginners but implements many higher-level robotics concepts such as PID and motion profiling.
It has a few extra features, such as the CLI for command-line compiling and uploading, and you can use any editor (and all the packages and themes available for said editor) to write PROS code.

You are correct in saying that its the things that can be done that is the main difference, if you don’t touch the more complex side of PROS, it can be as simple as VEXCode (and you can use a mostly similar API).

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