What version of EasyC do you use?

This week I got EasyC pro and I went back to get some of my files from EasyC V2 and I realized that EasyC Pro is Madd awesome! So I was wondering which version do you use?

Nice poll. What are the differences between EasyC V2 (which I have) and EasyC Pro? I looked at the Intelitek website, but there wasn’t a clear comparison.


EasyC V1 :frowning:

dont wana spend 100$ or whatever to upgrade it right now.

Really there many little missing features like a couple of new program commands, new sensors, a way to drive a digital output with the remote, editable microcontroller diagram…etc.

i love the graphical display in easyC PRO it makes so much easier to read sensors and other print to screen data instead watching it run down the screen. u can list it in a column and row u want it in so its all nice and neat. u can even change the color of the text:D (team colors yay!)

right now i have V1, but i want to get pro, but it is too much for one person, so i am eventually going to get V2

thefro526 and psycoklown,

Thanks for highlighting the differences. I may have to look at upgrading to Pro!


If you do any FRC programming, you’ll definitely want to get Pro. Pro can program 2004 to current FRC controllers as well as the Vex controller. If you want to learn how to use other sensors like the CMU camera or gyros, accelerometers, IR sensors, etc., go for Pro. There are some very nice tutorials on sensors with Pro, too. You can also convert your GUI Pro code to straight C, if you really want to work in MPLABS after you’ve got the basics of your logic worked out.

Hopefully, some of these sensors will make it to FVC legal status someday. FVC robots are already starting to come up with some nice autonomous programs, more sensors will just make it even more impressive.

Autonomous code was much more prevalent in FVC this year than FRC. Most FVC bots did something many with good results. I saw many FRC bots just sit there waiting for the match to start.

what kind of new commands? and about the sensors, it is possible to use IR, accelerometers, gyros etc with it, but Vex doesnt sell those sensors do they?

no vex does not sell the but u can buy they them from other manufacures and use them on vex just make sure they match the specs

No, but you can buy sensors from other vendors, for now, like Spark Fun Electronics. Buy the breakout board versions, not just the IC chip, solder on a pwm cable and you’re ready to go.

While these other sensors aren’t sold currently, I’m sure you’ll see more added in the future. Plus if you use Vex for prototyping for FRC you’ll need to learn how to use these sensors. We bought some accelerometers and gyros from spark fun and within an hour of opening the box, our FRC team had them running with EasyC Pro. We had more sensors on our FRC robot this year, than any previous year, thanks to figuring them out using Vex and EasyC Pro.

Wait. If i bought a programming kit RIGHT NOW, would it have EasyC Pro? because i got a new vex programming kit from the vex site a little while ago and it said it was Version 2.

But what also confuses me is the tabs at the top listed as “L1” “L2” and “Pro”

Do I have easy C Pro?

No, EasyC Pro is a separate Upgrade Cost. (See My Post, “If you bought a Vex Programming Kit with ver 1.x of EasyC, What are the Upgrade Costs?”) All version levels of EasyC can be Verified by clicking "Help–>About "on the Menu.

The L1, L2 and Pro are the Programming Levels.
For EasyC 1.1, Start a NEW Project or Open an Existing one, then Click on the Menu “Options” and select the Level . The levels are Introductory Level (L1), Advanced Level (L2), and Professional Level (Pro).

For EasyC, Start a NEW Project or Open an Existing one, then Click on the Menu “Options–>Programming Setup”. Look at the Level Categories. the “Programming Setup” Levels are Introductory (L1), Advanced(L2), and Professional (Pro).

For EasyC Pro (AKA Version 3.X) there appears to only be the Professional Level.

Where is the “All the Above” button???

i use v1 i would like to upgrade but i dont have any money

How much would it be to upgrade from v2 to pro?

My understanding is that is is the same cost to upgrade from EasyC 1.x or EasyC 2.x.

I am in the FRC and I saw the VEX system as a way to practice programming since I am a programmer for our team (Team #2199 Robolions). I got my Vex ststem this summer and VEX is AWESOME!!!

Anyway, I just got my programming kit on friday with EasyC V2 but didn’t open it till today. After I understand how EasyC Works then I will start using MPLAB because that is what our team uses.