What VEX related content do you want me to produce?

  • 3D Animation (3ds max) - Absolute Beginner
  • 3D Animation (3ds max) - Lighting
  • 3D Animation (3ds max) - Modeling
  • 3D Animation (3ds max) - Texturing
  • CAD (Fusion 360) - Absolute Beginner
  • CAD (Fusion 360) - Modeling
  • CAD (Fusion 360) - Working with multiple parts
  • CAD (Fusion 360) - Design for 3D printing
  • CAD (Fusion 360) - VEX Specific
  • Programming (Python) - Absolute Beginner
  • Programming (C++) - Absolute Beginner
  • Robot Design Philosophy
  • Breaking down a new VEX competition
  • Iterative Design in VEX
  • Organizing a VEX Tournament
  • Creating a new VEX team
  • Logistics of creating a Makerspace
  • Designing with 3DP in F360 in VEX U
  • Bridging VEX to a career and happy life
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Or suggest others below…


I really hope that everyone will vote for the 3ds max texturing tutorial, since I have been so much wondering how it is that I can do that.

I can help with that, however there are other materials I could point you to. Sadly my private collection of educational material I can’t share.

DigitalTutors, Lynda and FXPHD are all great. If you are Internet savvy you can find material like that, or even other YouTubers that cover it.

Wow I’m pretty shocked by the results so far. I want to chisel into the “Bridging VEX to a career and happy life” category:

  • What is college really like
  • How to pick a major in STEM
  • Life pitfalls to avoid
  • Guide to communicating
  • What is a career really like
  • My path to Google
  • Software Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering
  • Good majors vs. Bad ones
  • How graduate school differs from undergrad
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Again other suggestions welcomed…


I would really love to see the “How to pick a major in STEM” as I graduate in 2 years, I still haven’t narrowed down what I would like to do yet in life, just the general direction.