What voltage batteries does your team commonly use on your cortex?

What voltage batteries does your team use for your cortexes?

As high as the vex chargers will go. This usually ends up being around 8.2 volts. I try to have a fresh battery before each match.

We use these for practice. These for competition. These also work.

Note: They are labeled 7.2 Volts but can get up to 8.3 Volts. We only use the ones that have 8.0 or higher.

Does this affect performance at all? i.e. worth doing as a cheaper alternative?

If your battery is charged to 7.2 volts or more, you are basically running on full power. If it goes below that, your motors will run a bit slower/with less force. So if you have a battery that fills to 8 or more volts… your robot will spend a greater portion of the match with plenty of charge.

Ive seen a battery get up to 10v, but the voltage would drop rapidly after any load

At Asia-Pacific I saw teams using non-VEX chargers charging VEX batteries up to 16V. Some did replace the cells inside though. Not exactly legal

not exactly legal? XD thats literally cheating

And also some particularly shady motors that weren’t quite the right size

They work the same, It really doesnt affect the performance as both are same voltage and same miliamps

Uhhhhh not sure exactly what you mean.

If you plug a VEX battery charged to 10V into a cortex and spin a motor the motor will spin faster than a 7.2V battery would make it.