What was the funniest thing that happened to you or your team?

I think mine was when we were in quarterfinals. We were getting ready to start, and the referee was saying the teams on the alliances. “And on the red alliance, we have team 2075A and team pauses to look closely at our alliances license plate team 20751A. Wow, this is not going to be easy.” They proceed to do their best but still ends up mixing up the team numbers for our alliance. That ref was amazing, but it still was funny every time it got mixed up

Well at our last competition we were setting up our auton for our next match and this team came up to us with their robot. It was qualifications, We were red, and they had red plates on and said they were red. So I told them our strategy and what I wanted them to do. Then they looked at their match schedule again and apparently they were actually blue. So they knew what we were going to do now. But it didn’t matter, we won by a large margin anyways but it was still funny


I honestly thought he was going to drive inside our robot.

the link doesn’t work.

Yes it does.

It didn’t when I first posted. He had to share the video to everyone.

But it’s working now… :slight_smile:

TL:DR We won the match 2-0.

So for our first qualification match at our second tournament, we were matched with a team that had a simple 4 bar lift and a custom claw they had made against a team that had a small elevator lift and a no show.

Although our robot with a dr4b looked impressive next to these robots, we were competing with an untested chainbar and roller intake, along with an untested mobile goal manipulator that we had to sacrifice in order to fit the size constraints.

During the autonomous period, none of the robots moved, and the first 15 seconds of the driver control were wild. The one robot on the opposing alliance immediately reversed over their 10 pt bar and got stuck within seconds of driver control starting and our alliance member managed to score their preload cone. However, due to a miscommunication between our driver(for the drivetrain and mg) and me (our driver for lift and intake), we started the match headed towards a mobile goal on our side even though we had agreed that our strategy would be to go for the stationary goal (something many robots at the tournament couldn’t do). When me made the turn for the stationary goal, the chainbar which we didn’t realize was still resting as far backwards in the robot as possible caused our center of mass to be way to far back and too high when I raised the lift for the stationary goal. Ultimately, we tipped over backwards within 15 seconds of driver control and didn’t land within the parking tile to at least earn those points.

For the remaining 1:30 of the match, the opposing robot remains stuck on the 10 pt bar, and our alliance member was unable to pick up any more cones.

We won the match 2-0.

Also, at the same tournament, because the team that was the first seed was an OSIZR style robot that had somehow managed to go undefeated in a tournament with the best teams in WI present, when they were selecting their alliance, many of the stronger teams turned down their offers and they were finally accepted by an ok external stacker without a mobile goal intake. For their second pick, they looked all the way down to our 27th ranked team because we were the only team left with the ability for the stationary. Somehow, we made our way through to the finals, despite only contributing to one of our 3 wins in qualifications. Although we were annihilated in the finals, we managed to qualify for the state championship as tournament finalists with our robot that stacked probably less than 20 cones in the whole tournament.

Our first competition this season, I had maybe an hour of practice, so at tournament the first thing I did was score a cone on the other teams goal by accident. I looked up and the other kid was so confused. Like, thanks?

It was not the best day, but 27th beats last soooo… hey improvement is improvement no matter how small right ?

We seeded higher at a competition when we were mogo only (twice - 4th ad 21st), than at a competition where we could stack (51-59)? like…? the other robots didn’t get much better? We ?


Same bro

Our auton skills last year failed but then it somehow ended up doing better than if it didn’t fail.

SAME!!! Literally the same thing happened to me. I apologized profusely because I thought they were gonna say that we lied to them to get their plans xD

There was one match during toss up year that I was the only robot to show up. My alliance partner and the two robots on the opposing team didn’t show up because apparently they were playing video games in the pit. Anyway it was an excellent match for SP points and I had the highest SP points at that competition.

In nbn our opposing alliance never showed up for a match so it was a 2 v 0

1-9. And whenever 1533m tanks it’s always a sight to see.

Well then you have your partner shoot in a couple for SPs

Actually, when you have no opponents show up, your own score is your SPs. So just score away!


Our team name is tigris ex machina 6 because at our school how it works is that every team has the same name. The MC’s always have trouble pronouncing it but the funniest time was when he was announcing our name and said tigris ex mangina instead of ex machina. We all died laughing.