What was the worst thing that happened to you in 2019-2020 season of vex

What was the worst thing that happened to you during the 2019-2020 season. The worst thing that happened to me during Vex season was when I got a headache in the States tournament and since I was main driver my team would not make it to worlds but I pushed my headache and worried more on making it to worlds. Eventually our team made it to worlds so that was the biggest joy ever In my life.


We got dequed at states because a cube rolled into the opposing teams inner protected zone.


Maybe not the worst thing, but definitely the most memorable. the We lost the quarterfinals match at states that would decide which alliance would go to worlds by 1 point! My team isn’t salty, and the other alliance totally deserved it.


As a freshmen team, we were a bit naive, stupid, and just arrogant, and decided to make a 5 stage cascade lift. It worked the day before, but in our last qual, it legit just fell off the robot, just dangling by the motor wire around the field. May not be the worst thing, but definitely the funniest.


Um…Worlds got canceled


That sounds Very funny

Our states was cancelled and we were 16th rank for our state by one point. Top 15 rank went to worlds.


every time when it got to the tournament, we were usually first seed, and when we got to the ro16 or quarterfinals one of three things always happened. The intake chain broke, white screen of death, or the intake burning out


We nearly didn’t get to compete in our only match of the season because we used v5 and 393 motors.


Did…did you not read the game manual??


Completely losing all trace of my sanity when I attempted (and accomplished) programming a 6-part 32 point TT skills auton in less than 1.5 weeks. I was working 10 hours a day on programming alone, and it nearly failed at the end.


bro the refs must be really dumb. That is super illegal :joy:

Got DQ’ed twice at our first comp because we didn’t pay attention while playing defense; one time we drove into the inner protected zone when we would have won the match, the other we accidentally knocked down an opponent’s stack. We brought a 6 motor drive pushbot to this comp.

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Round of 16 at signature events scares me after 2019-2020 :))))))


You really wanna hear and oof?
So my school has 6 teams, but only takes 4 to competition, and we only go to one competition due to budget constrains (I’ve suggested bigger teams but the teacher shot me down). End of the season come around, and my bots not done. Last day I have, i end up having my tray smack me in my face and I bleed all over the lab. I get sent to the nurse’s for like 2 hours. 2 hours, mind you, that i cant work on the robot. I go down and skip classes, but 8th period ends and the bot isn’t done, so I didnt get to compete


I’ve had similar things happen, but not with things as large as a cascade lift.

During state qualifiers, for about 6 of my 8 matches, a motor kept disconnecting and then reconnecting so it was basically near impossible to make it across the field, and even more to stack. Even still surprisingly I won 7 of my 8 matches, and only lose by one point in the 8th. Sadly, this started happening again in QF1 and I once again lost by one point. I am salty about it, but not at the opposing alliance cuz they were very good.

We had a drive motor and our clamp motor do that. It was really fun suddenly not being able to drive in a straight line.

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I had my last ever VEX iq match and we finally got to States after three years, and then States got cancelled.


Some refs have vendettas against wallbots so, refs