What was your highest period of activity here?

After being on the forum for 5 days, I have spent a stupid amount of time here because of my tendency to consume anything that I have the access to read, and ignored all responsibility as a result.

So, about that…
When were you the most active here, and why?


I was active on the bearing flat discussion a few days ago, because I refuse to believe that some people don’t use them


Let’s see, some of the moments I was checking the forum like crazy were

  • Tipping point 2.2 manual update (ring under platforms led to a DQ)

  • The tipping point reveal and Worlds 2021

  • Early May when there was totally not a game leak


All the time when I’m procrastinating more diffcult things
(and right now as I’m procrastinating the notebook work I have to do for Saturday’s competition)


cough cough- my teamate who forgot them 7 times

One of my sister teams cough @Sprocket didn’t even know what bearing flats were until I looked at their robot and asked them why they didnt have any bearing flats on their robot.

Every academic class of every day. I spend multiple hours daily and it is probably not healthy.


Same. Since this semester started I have not completed work for an entire class

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I have completed my work, but not payed attention at all.

well that’s not good


I mean, few very active people on here only get a couple of homework assignments done.

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my team insists they are called bushings :frowning: they must learn the lingo


I am most active on the forums during history class.

Sadly I am not joking although i did get an A last semester soooo :man_shrugging:


I am not as active as I used to be in the past. Nowadays I only respond really if there is a want or need, plus college.

I hit peak activity when I was a freshman in high school, when everyone had a school-provided chromebook that dangerously unblocked vexforum. So I go on vexforum during class time, lunch time, etc. Pretty much the entire day.

Some additional driving factors included:

  1. I had dyslexia and dysgraphia, and reading the forum and typing is one of the best ways to treat it.
  2. All of my friends were in robotics. I didn’t really have friends in school itself, nor did I want any.

I was most active the summer of my 7th grade year, into like January-ish of my 8th grade year. I had Regular for that time, then got disinterested in robotics. What a mistake…

Most active during Tower Takeover

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Most active now.
20 cha

I was most active when I joined (recently).

Just depends on the topic people bring up. I’m a builder and designer so naturally I’m more active in building/design related topics.

I was most active around November 2016 to October 2018 (though I didn’t start posting until July 2017), during most of which I was involved with a team, and again to some extent around January-September 2019, when I frequently checked the VEX Forum during lunch, as well as a few times around 2021-2022 but mostly as a lurker. The peak would probably be July 2017 to April 2018, when I was part of an active team while also having a forum account and knowing good things to post.

As for threads, I posted a lot of Q&A questions in the summer of 2017, and sometimes made posts to try to keep things calmer during certain arguments that happened around 2018-2019 (mainly about Bo1 and things that people got more upset about because of Bo1).

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