What we have learned in VEX

VEX is a learning and competitive experience that enables many new skills.
So when you think of learning in VEX you may think about engineering and/or coding, but there are many other things that I have learned through VEX that aren’t necessarily linked with robotics.

Tell us what you have learned through VEX that was not related to robotics.

Some of the things that I learned in VEX was the need to stay organized and how to shoot rubber band in different styles to annoy my friends!


I have learned the art of diplomacy in VEX robotics. Not shooting my friends with rubber bands so I don’t get involved in a rubber band shooting war.


Talking to people comfortably without really knowing them.

Before robotics I really only talked to people I knew, I still tried to meet new people but it wasn’t my favorite activity. After going to a few competitions through just scouting and meeting alliance partners, somehow now I can talk freely with someone I just met. I’m the president of the club now, this skill is really handy when you have to talk to so many people every day (a lot of my new members are freshmen). I definitely couldn’t do this as well before, so VEX made me better at being social and small talk I guess.

Also a little bit of inventory and budget management.


How to look at a challenge in a productive way.

Before VEX, I would often look at a challenge, and give up right away. But VEX has taught me to think outside the box and know that there is always a way.


Some schools have way too much money compared to others

vex communism when

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simple is better!!!


Same hear! I used to only hang out with a tight group of friends, but now I have met new people and made friends.