What we have realized

Last night we finished the programming for the encoders and managed to consistently add another 10 points to our autonomous scoring and needless to say we were all smiles as we patted ourselves on the back.

This afternoon as we prayerfully began to prepare for our upcoming competition in New Orleans, we began to reflect upon this years past competitions and how far we have come since the first robot we built. What occurred to us is the fact that we came away from every competition with a new idea. A few ideas were from things we noticed by evaluating our own robot and it’s performance, but most ideas were from observing the brilliant ideas of others and having some insight shared with us from more seasoned teams and their members.

What have we realized?

While we have made many steps of our own on this journey, some of our greatest achievements have come from riding on the shoulders of giants. And for this we are grateful, and truly humbled. We would like to thank the many who have mentored our mentor, and inspired our team. We are truly surrounded by some of the greatest people we could have ever hoped to have met!

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With Maturity, Comes Wisdom…

I am glad to hear you have had such a wonderful Vex Experience… Your Team’s life, will be forever changed… :wink:

Vex Experience or a VEXperience? ;D