What Web Browser do you use?

Ok, so I was having problems with Internet Explorer 7 so I did some research and downloaded Opera. So far it is excellent, and I like it better than FireFox or IE7. What web browser do you use?

i use IE7 right now, sometimes AOL because i have it (AOL MAX, different ISP, same browser)

is Opera free?

usually i use firefox, but when i have to download plugins all the time i might switch to IE7. although i really find that IE7 looks terrible and it looks like a knockoff of firefox to me.

The reason that I switched to Opera was because it was different than all of the others.

im gonna make my own with visual basic, i started before just never bothered finishing:D

the web browser i use is ie7

There was a cool program called BrowserBob, but for some reason it was shut down. Does anyone know what happed to it?

i dont know why, ive never even heard of it, does it make web browsers?

Yeah, it was a tool that let you make really nice web browsers REALLY easily.

i use internet explorer 7
i like it because unlike the lower versions when you click on a desktop link and have a current window open instead of closing the current window it opens a new tab gotta love that:D

Try this Plug-In for Firefox 2.0…

IE Tab

Nice feature…

It started with The Opera Browser many years ago, it has been in Firefox since before there was Firefox… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I love my Opera Web Browser! The only problem is that it sometimes has a hard time doing Yahoo Mail Beta (actually it is the new yahoo mail).

ya i agree i love the tabs and you can just hit ctrl t and you get a new tab so you can search for something with out closing your first tab

Ok, my vista box has IE 7 on it and lately I have been wanting to customize it. Well, I go online and I was shocked to find out that Micro$oft does not have any good themes for it! So, I got over that, and started looking at firefox. WOW!!! firefox has some awesome themes for it, right now I am using the Aero theme for it and it looks great. So, why wouldn’t Microsoft come out with themes like firefox’s??

[LEFT]microsoft can be lazy and not to mention most businesses use IE to save money and time, businesses arent going to care about themes as long as the job gets done

as for opera, i was using that but i had problems with FIRST TIMS and stuff like that so now i use firefox, im also using the Aero theme but im making a robotics/FIRST theme:D

Yeah, is firefox more secure though? And how do you make your own themes?? I’m just curious, I have been wanting to make a Star Trek theme for a while now.

firefox is amazingly secure, to learn how to make add-ons, themes, etc… go to firefox.com and look around there

Thanks a bunch, I downloaded FireFox (I LOVE IT!!!), I am using the Aero Theme, and I figured out how to make my own themes. I’ll get to it after the FRC season is done, and probably into the summer.

I’ll be working on a Star Trek theme for my first project. I think this is going to be great fun, THANKS BASICXMAN!

your welcome, ill give you some tips when i finish my FIRST theme