What will V5 make obsolete?

Starting to plan for packing up at the end of this season and what needs to be purchased for next season. First part of that, for me, is to figure out what will be made obsolete (or be put on the path towards deprecation) once we switch to V5. Here’s what I have that will no longer be used once we make the switch:

Big batteries & chargers
AAA batteries & chargers
Power extensions
Power expanders
Battery clips
9V batteries and holders

Cortex (edit)
Master joystick
Partner joystick
Coiled handset cable to connect
Vexnet keys
USB A-A cables

393 Motors
Motor gears
29 Motor controllers
Y cables
2 wire extensions (3 wires can be used with sensors, etc.)

LCD displays
LED’s & jumpers
Serial cables for LCD
Programming hardware kit
Competition switch

Is this correct? Is there anything I’m missing?

I mean you pretty much have everything. I guess being pedantic you could add

4 wire extension cables

Clutches were already useless

I thought a few of those would still be useful:

USB A-A Cables - The VEX site says the V5 brain will have a USB port. I’m not sure specifically how everything will function, but you might still want these.
Clutches - They still have those springs inside of them, and they’re mechanical so you can tear them apart. So they’re just as useful as they have been otherwise recently.
Competition switch - I thought it was mentioned this would still work, at least for a while. I can’t find where, though, so maybe I’m misremembering.

LEDs and Jumpers may still be useable/useful with V5.

What about speakers

I hope they still work with it.

If someone is running a speaker, no matter if they have v5 or not, I instantly hate them.

Don’t the V5 motors eliminate the unique motor mounting screw and the associated wrenches? I with they would have gone to a bigger screw for closing the new motor, or even better, clips/ears that could just be pressed to release

Well collars still use the thin allen wrench so not 100% eliminated.

If vex discontinued the metal shaft collars and makes use all use the clamping ones to eliminate the smaller size completely :frowning:

the metal shaft collars are still useful where the clamping collars are too big and the friction collars don’t have enough friction. Also, the thread size of the metal shaft collars is 8-32 so you can already use normal screws on them.

also, the standoff coupler screws need a 5/64 hex wrench.

The old style rack gears use the motor screws. New style appear to have recesses for standard nuts.