What will we do next year?

So for V5, there is an 8 motor limit.
I was curious about how people will use their motors. What I would do is(this is assuming the game was ITZ):

2motor drive
2motor primary lift
2motor secondary lift
1motor claw
1motor mogo lift.

What about you guys?


4 motor drive
1 motor primary lift
1 motor secondary lift
1 motor intake (#RollerSquad)
1 motor mobile goal lift

I think this is the layout that most people with the “meta” would go for.

I would do the same but with a sp mogo lift and 2m primary

I think with more powerful motors such as those, a layout like this would be very viable:

4 motor drive/mogo paired
2 motor lift
1 motor secondary lift
1 motor rollers

5 motor drive
1 motor chainbar
1 motor roller
1 motor mogo lift

4 motor drive
2 motor DR4B
1 motor 4bar + passive intake
1 motor MoGo