What will win worlds

You guys see the title^^. Any ideas?

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Double reverse 4 thirds kiwi rocker bogie mecanum drive with a slapper and no intake



My bet is on it being a dual ball catapult paired with either a double shot flywheel or angle changing puncher.

The alliance with the best strategy will most likely win. At this point in the season, teams can score fast enough that scoring speed doesn’t really matter, so it ultimately comes down to who has the best strategy and can most consistently execute that strategy.


I agree with @Harrison_1561H, and my guess for what strategy will win is having a combination of a back shooter and a front shooter. Both will attempt to get almost all the flags to their color in auton, then the front shooter can play heavy defense in order to hold their position, while the back shooter can dunk on caps or help keep the flags their color if need be. But that’s just my guess.


The meta seems to be punchers, some with angle changers. (At least here in Ohio. I think it’s beyond as well.) A 2BC or flywheel can do awesomely as well, though. We’re about to the point, as Xenon27 said, where design doesn’t matter as much as skill and strategy.

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That’s the most impt ingredient… lol…


Full field angle changing puncher OP(flywheel trash)


Potomac’s 12A team has one of these. Combined with a good driver, the transition from cap stacking to shooting from anywhere in the field is absolutely scary.

At this point, all robots shoot balls at flags There is no arguing with that. It will come down to auton and driver experience. The better prepared team will win.

Cap bot, Cap bot all the way.


I’ll be completely honest: If a robot can honestly post caps quickly, with the way the meta is acting, I feel like they can win. I know California doesn’t have many people who can stack caps on posts, and also an alarming amount of teams that can’t descore such caps.

I’m still waiting for a 2-cap back auton. That would probably get to Freedom Hall imo.

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The teams who can win autonomous and hold 2 parking spots (1 yellow and alliance color) will win everytime. If 2 teams can coordinate their autonomous’ seamlessly and consistently park, that team will win 99.9% of the time. The flags will just be a matter of defense and holding down the ones scored during autonomous. We shall see. As for the style of robot, any well tuned shooter is viable but dual catapult has the disadvantage of only being able to shoot 2 balls from the front half of the field. So my guess would be a combination of puncher and flywheel bots with one of those bots being really good at defense and the other one being really good at offense. Platforms and auton is key to winning matches…

Any of the 3 main shooter types: Angle Adjust Punchers, Double shot flywheels, 2BCs.

I think Front loading 2BCs will fare better than back loading 2BCs at worlds.

A lot of it will boil down to auton and strategy, and how the results of auton will affect strategy.

Caps on post in auto is a good strategy, and if someone can do that and do a 5+ flag auto that can be devastating.

But as always, driver execution and auto. This is a game where no one shooter is truly dominant over the other.


That’s what I really love about this game, that there is basically no design convergence at all. I do wish cap bots would receive a buff (perhaps more protections about descoring)


If caps were worth 1-2 points more I’d like the changes to the dynamics that makes.



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