What will your team build?

What will your team build?

Since our team sponsors three teams we are able to get a full field to practice on.

i only have enough for quarter field

We saved or field from last year. All we had to do was build new goals.

We have the foam flooring, all the platforms and about 40 rings. We just don’t have the crossbar and the walls around the field.

Between David Franc, Bill Wiley and myself - At least three complete fields (plus some spare parts) for PVL tournaments, for team practices, and for loans to nearby teams.

See you on the field.


we will be building a full field to practice on and loaning it to the Ga FTC tournament as a practice field. we will also be making the official goals and rings for the tournament fields.

i thought the tournament host made those?

At some tournaments, teams allow the use of their own fields as practice fields, in addition to the tournament’s official playing field.

youd need a pretty big pit area for a bunch of teams to put their practice field in

Usually there will be a practice field available for all teams to use is the general areas of the pits. It’s not one teams field even if they brought it.

we are building the fields because we know the tournament partners and we voulenteered.

just one practice field per the whole regional.

oh ok, i know at the toronto FRC regional there was 2 practice fields with just the spider rack, some tubes and a bit of driving space