What would be the best method of gearing down a 2m flywheel

Our current flywheel is a dual-motor flywheel, and while we are rebuilding the entire rest of the robot, we were thinking about figuring out a way to remove one of the motors to use for something else. What would the best method of going about this be?


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you just the gear on the farthest left and take the motor off, it will act the exact same.


Just remove the gear furthest on the left. Alternatively, a popular option for a one motor flywheel is to use no cartridge at all (you can look up methods other teams have used to do this). This is much more efficient as there is no friction caused by gearing.


Just take the motor on the left off and shorten the C-channels by 5 holes if you want. I would also recommend not mounting your flywheel cantilever as that will cause more vibrations (and thus friction).


Thanks for all the responses!

I would also recommend not using quite so extreme a gear ratio. It looks like you’re using a 25:1; the highest gear ratio any of my teams are using is 7:1, and most of my teams are just going 5:1. At that ratio, I doubt that a single motor would run long without burning out.

I would just use a 60-tooth gear going into a 12-tooth gear with blue motors for 3000 rpm. You really don’t need any more than that, you don’t want to trade off rapid fire capability.

I also got some ball bearings so this thing will be sick. Thanks again for all the responses!

make sure to take the grease out of them, otherwise it will be worse.

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