What would be the reccomended design for the tower takeover competition?

What would be the best design. I’m leaning towards the scissor lift.

What do you mean by the best design? “best design” and “scissor lift” are both very vague terms, extra detail will help us answer

Like scissor lifts, cube stacker, or just a normal claw?

Ok so what I’m trying to say is what would be the recommended design for this competition

Not trying to be rude, but

  1. there’s a ton of threads about this already. (But you get a pass since you’re new)
  2. any design works as long as it meets your criteria.

Speaking of scissor lifts, is this vrc or vriq? I dont know if scissor lifts are used in vriq

Alright I’ll look for a new question

I agree with @Railgunawesome that there are many threads like this one,
you can check this thread out

Tower Takeover Designs