What would happen if a part of the field broke off mid match

For example if a hook on the back of a green platform broke off causing the cube to fall what would the referees do

It depends on if your robot broke it, whether it be accidentally or on purpose.

If it was an accident, and match effecting, it’s a field fault, put the green hook back on and replay the match.

If it was deliberate, I’d let the score stand and talk to the team. See Don’t damage the Field or Game Objects


I could go either way with this… It seems like in class the kids break it all the time but in the actual tournament it happens rarely.

I would be inclined to keep the score “as is” as long as the field was put together as the instructions say to do.


Thank you for this because if my team was at a our state tournament losing twenty points could be a massive loss and stop us from getting to worlds