What Would Make A Good Competition?

what are some of your ideas that would be a good competition? I think a game where robots have to climb poles and score pegs in holes going up the poles, and the higher the pegs are, the more points they’re worth. and bonus points for how high the lowest part of the robot is at the end of the match. :stuck_out_tongue:

… water game?

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I would like to see a game where 12x 393 motors were not enough to do everything well. Basically, a game that could encourage the use of transmissions. Rough terrain, a mix of light and cumbersome objects and heavy and compact objects. Descoring. A longer autonomous.

Stop asking for water games! It will seriously never happen. VEX would have to make a whole new line of parts, the costs of hosting this game would be tremendously high, and there is already a water robotics competition. MATE ROV.

hey man, It was just a silly joke. No need to be so confrontational. We try to have fun here.


I personally would love to see steep elevation changes, maybe something that takes precision and control.

I am just tickled we got the mobile bases this year, it was on my wish list last year.

I would like to see stateful game objects. For example, you have to release a level to get access to more game objects

I remember a robot game from somewhere (Maybe FLL? Doesn’t seem right.) that had a stateful object some years ago where you had to turn the pointer toward one half of the field or the other. I don’t remember much about it, but I believe you couldn’t score certain other objects if it was pointed the wrong way. So it was offensive and defensive, since how you turned it locked out the other sides ability to score.

Or I could just be wrong. Never the less, it’s an easy way to implement stateful play in a meaningful way.

I think that was FLL, and I think I actually competed in that game!

Whew! Glad I’m not senile. Or at least this doesn’t prove I am.

If you’re going to enter the online challenge for game design, put something stateful like that in your game.

edited to add: And make @hotel happy; put in some water elements.

i could be a fan of this.

I also would love to see the Doubler and Negator game object come back from the gateway era.

It would make setup more difficult and would open up the opportunity for some underhanded dealings, but i like the idea of a modification of Nothing But Net with visually identical balls with significantly different weights, randomly mixed on the field, that a robot would have to gauge the weight and recalculate how hard to throw based on that.

soo soo soo many requests for replays.

But V5 is coming out soon, also, my team recently purchased a vex kit containing this poster.
So water game confirmed?


“The field resetter is friends with his little brother, he put all the light balls next to him!”

It would be impractical, but a fun idea to consider.

Or alternatively, rods with weighted bearings inside which would change the center of mass if you tipped it.

The poster even says V5 on it

But no balls stacked on balls though, that was terrible for field reset

I’m still pulling for a game in which 10,000 ping pong balls are dropped on the field at the start of autonomous. Field reset would be with a shop vac with the filter removed cycling the balls back into a hopper. I don’t care how they are scored – I want to see a game with a zillion* small objects.

  • The metric equivalent of a “zillion” is “bazillion.”


Why only 10,000?